October 21st 2020
Flip the Coin?

Every 15 to 20 years for the last 150 years or so certain sections of society keep on discovering and rediscovering Marxism and Karl Marx as if he were the messiah of 'fairness and equality'. Most will never read 'Das Kapital' - one of the most boring books I have ever read - only being spoon fed certain emotional snippets used to motivate them and the rest of the masses to do the bidding of those in position of leadership.

It is mostly the young that are attracted to this idea of equality and 'Social Justice' no matter how impractical it is or how it totally disregards the very essence of being a human being. Marxism, socialism and its derivatives have never worked except maybe in a Kibbutz and most people simply do not understand its weakness.

That is not to say that Capitalism is the answer to everything because it is not. Both collapse and fail regularly, it is just that the recovery from an economic capitalist disaster tends to be faster that a socialist disaster but not always.

Socialism is about the group and it fails consistently to understand the value of the individual. Why? Human social, technical and scientific evolution has virtually always progressed because of an individual or group of individuals coming up with an idea that develops into something that aids human progress.

Capitalism thrives on the ideas of the individual but often fails to assist the progression of an idea or invention because the primary focus of capitalism is 'route to market'.

Marxism or socialism will always fail because of 'Human Ingenuity' and 'Human Individuality' the very core of what it is to be a human being.

Socialism,Marxism and Capitalism are flip sides of the same coin and it might be time for human society to start flipping a different coin. The current coin lends itself to a rigged game.

Now it takes quite a leap in thinking to understand this. If we as a species do not shift our thinking and understand what the individual mind is capable of then we as a group (and I dislike using that term) will not gain any advantage for the future. Some years ago a made a video called 'Our Star Trek Moment' which highlighted the scientific and technological advances made and that can be made if we understand that we have only a few years to implement this strategy.

Left wing or right wing becomes irrelevant and what is required is mental discipline, an understanding of what we have achieved as a species even with all the wars and famines that have plagued us, of our doing.

We shower ourselves with irrelevant issues of race, social justice and perceived global climate issues none of which really have any importance, other than in the minds of those ( mainly on the left) who have replaced conventional religion with pseudo religion of the aforementioned.

The righteous left and the religious right - the rest of us are Stuck in the middle..

Our Star Trek Moment
August 24th 2020
Reflections (Rambling a bit, suck it up)

It has been five months since I got whacked by a motorbike. I have spent that time recuperating and thinking as I do every couple of years on my progress in life. Have I done all the things I wanted to do? No. Have I done things that I never thought I would do or had the talent or interest to do? Yes. That is what is so compelling about life.

One thing that I noticed early on is that there is always the unexpected which I regard as a 5% possibility but can have a 100% affect on ones life.

I lived in Singapore during the SARS outbreak so with the COVID here I sort of knew what to expect... yet governments around the world panicked and handled it badly not necessarily all their own fault. When one elects politicians that have for the most part never really done a proper days work one ends up with good intentions smothered by ignorance and a severe lack of discipline and absolutely no education, especially from those have have graced the rooms and lecture halls of our esteemed and cherished universities - one ends up with idiots.

The Covid was an unknown entity even though it follows on from SARS and to be fair to the Johnson government lock down and mask wearing was justified for the first five weeks or so but thereafter when it became clear what part of society needed protecting and what part could get on with life and stop the economy from imploding, back to work should have been the mantra of the day. Those at the bottom of the economic ladder will be paying for this for ten years.

There was of course incompetent collection of data (now proven) and fear ran through our society, somewhat justified especially amongst those at risk health wise or age wise (I fit into the latter).

Anyway, back to my accident, the time at home was spent when possible doing something. I am always working on several scripts at one time so I switch between one and another as the ideas flow or not as the case may be.

During this time I reflected not so much on my life as I have done so much more than I thought I would as a teenager and I must say my life in Asia - Philippines, Thailand and Singapore was a good learning experience. It makes me appreciate the culture we have in Europe and Great Britain, alas British culture is being eroded by the weak and undisciplined wannabe socialist, Marxist and uneducated who scream for equality yet do not understand it or have any real ideas about the facts of history just their own emotions. Thomas Sowell one of the giants in thinking says 'Emotions have no value, only facts do'. (paraphrasing).

When I was five I came to the conclusion that adults were quite peculiar and on reaching eight it was obvious to me that God was an illusion and religion a doctrine of manipulation and fear. Though others would classify me as an atheist I regard myself as a scientist, we can all be scientist but not always academics. 'Science is the study of observable facts.' One might think after my accident of which I remember nothing and the paramedics had a hard time waking me up.... could have gone to a coma... bur luckily didn't, I might have had some religious experience. Nope nothing. As I awoke in the ambulance my brain and I do love my brain kicked into self preservation mode... understanding what has happened and where I was going. The kind policewoman using my phone called the three people that needed to be told about the accident.

So the last five months have been stuck at home until recently and just thinking about things and I think we are about to face a monumental change in the way we live our lives and it will be hard for so many. The COVID is merely a catalyst to what is about to arrive.

British democracy is under attack, British culture is under attack and the justice system the backbone of so much throughout our rough and turbulent history is being downgraded into some third world saga.

Many look to find the causes in immigration, marxism, socialism, fascism, the police state and big brother... and all the aforementioned are part of the cause but the greatest cause is the British people regardless of colour, creed or background not getting up from the sofa of convenience and saying as Peter Finch said in the film Network 'I am mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!' Are you going take it anymore?

August 15th 2020

In John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address he said: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” a challenge to every American to contribute in some way to the public good and a challenge for everyone especially for us all in Great Britain.

Within the last 110 years humanity has had two world wars, countless other disastrous conflicts, famine, natural disasters political unrest and a large number of countries and states have been plagued by dictators and corruption.

Today we are faced with a noisy minority whose lack of self worth and confidence has manifested itself into a righteous all knowing entity fuelled by a total lack of history, facts and an intelligent though process topped off with an emotional coating, which it seems to justify appalling actions of murder, destruction and chaos.

This scenario tends to make an appearance within democratic societies with a regular occurrence.

Within the many advanced societies on this planet it seems strange to me that there is still an inequality in everyday life. Now many would thrust Marxism as the cure for all of societies ills, yet on past performance it has achieved nothing but wild hopes followed by mass murder, destruction and civil chaos.

So there is a need to look at the issues society faces, understand them and deal with them as needed one by one. That the government needs to put better infrastructure in place is a must for the British economy to advance and develop. It also requires the British people to do their bit. For the government to do everything leads to incompetence and lethargy. For the private sector to do everything leads to a few entities and individuals amassing large fortunes and a lack of social cohesion.

If government helps the less fortunate and it should, those less fortunate need to help the government by doing their upmost to progress with their lives and also help others less fortunate than themselves. It is unrealistic to expect a government to do everything, in fact the less the government is involved in the day to day lives of the average person the better. Government is however there as a safety net for those that find themselves on hard times, and most of us have been there at one time or another, usually because government has taken its eye of the ball and the people have suffered.

In my lifetime there have been the following crises in Great Britain and worldwide that have affected life in Great Britain.

1967 Devaluation:
In November 1967 Harold Wilson, The Labour prime minister devalued the pound by 14.3%.

1973 Oil Crisis and three day week:
The conservative government led by Edward Heath tried to take on the unions to restrict their power but failed as OPEC crisis developed.

1976 The IMF Crisis:
Once again a Labour government was returned with all manner of good intentions but bedevilled by “events”. It inherited an “inflationary spiral'.

1979-82 Thatcher Recession:
The Thatcher government came in having adopted the 'Monetarist Doctrines' of Professor Milton Friedman. The message was that all they needed to do to control inflation was to control the money supply. This proved a false god, and many years later monetarism was disowned by Friedman himself.

1983-89 Lawson boom-and-bust & Thatcher:
Nigel Lawson, chancellor 1983-89, was at heart an expansionist. He produced an expansionary budget in 1988, in the middle of a campaign to persuade Thatcher that the answer to Britain’s endemic inflation problem was to emulate the far more successful Germans.

1992 Black Wednesday:
The Lawson boom led to another splurge in inflation, with the annualised rate of increase peaking at 10.9% in the autumn of 1990. By this time John Major had been chancellor for a year and, along with the rest of the establishment, had worn Thatcher’s resistance down.

Asian crisis 1997
The Asian financial crisis was a period of financial crisis that gripped much of East Asia and Southeast Asia beginning in July 1997 and raised fears of a worldwide economic meltdown due to financial contagion.

SARS 2003
SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) – virus identified in 2003. SARS-CoV is thought to be an animal virus from an as-yet-uncertain animal reservoir, perhaps bats, that spread to other animals (civet cats) and first infected humans in the Guangdong province of southern China in 2002.

Financial Crash 2007-2009
By 2007, policymakers believed that, with the aid of the latest panacea, “inflation targeting” – entrusted to an independent Bank of England in 1997 – they had found the economic philosopher’s stone. Alas, in Britain and elsewhere.

Osborne's Austerity 2010-16
Thanks to an enormous fiscal and monetary stimulus, the British economy was recovering nicely by the summer of 2010. But the coalition government, making absurd comparisons with the seriously troubled Greek economy, caused the incipient recovery to stall by removing the fiscal stimulus and embarking on a prolonged period of austerity. This is still with us, and its impact has been deleterious.

Referendum and Brexit 2016 
It is well known David Cameron thought that, by resorting to a referendum, he could resolve decades-long split within the conservative party over membership of the European Union. He did not however understand the feelings of the British people.

Covid 2020
Worldwide pandemic that has not been handled correctly resulting in 759,358 deaths (as of Aug 14, 2020). Economies have been severely damaged and it will take years for them to recover.

JFK's statement seem appropriate now as doing something for your country also means keeping an eye on things and getting involved just not only at election time but all the time as a means to protect and fortify a very weak democracy consistently under threat from the extremist elements within society.

July 25th 2020

Equality is a word used frequently when discussing the differences within the human race. Colour, gender, opportunity, outcome and financial are areas where this word is thrown around as if an all curing medication.

We humans are simply not all equal. That's OK, it would be a boring world if we were. Some of us have talents and skills, some of us are industrious, some have well above average IQ, some of us are very healthy, some of us have disabilities in some cases life-threatening. They are the sum of the human condition.

In recent years there has been an attempt to smooth out what we are as humans to a homogeneous entity, everybody looking the same (good luck with that) and more importantly thinking the same. The latter is the most dangerous because it feeds and distorts the former.

Over the last ten years or so the left wing/Marxist/Socialists have tried their best to thrust upon society their idea of what life should be like. The Antifa and BLM protest are very reminiscent of the Nazi and Communist activity upon the streets of Germany, (Berlin and Munich) in the 1920s. Accuse another entity or group of discrimination, racial prejudice, promoting inequality, etc that distracts everyone from the fact that one is being all the above but it is OK because one is right, righteous and fair to all those that agree with what one says.

So let's start with a few basics. Gender is biological, sexuality is psychological. 99.5% of human are either male or female. 0.5% are undetermined at birth or ambiguous. These people will need help, support and possible medical procedures at some stage. 2% of the population fit into the LGBT bracket but of course many of them do not adhere to the popular narrative put out by the extremists within that grouping. A small portion of the 2% are pushing the narrative to extremes to promote their particular agenda. They are making a lot of noise and this gives the impression that their cause has validity and merit and everyone else should approve or join in their mission! This present situation is reminiscent of the 50's, 60's and 70s where mucho men wore tight trouser, bling to the heavens or women wearing skimpy skirts and blouses wide open. Shoving ones sexuality on others is tacky at best and moronic at worst.

We have thankfully reached a stage in most developed countries where gay marriage is acceptable and no big deal although I fail to see how a gay couple can force a church to marry them. Religion is a club and it has rules so good luck trying to change that.

Gender pay gap. Where? In Europe, North America... this does not exist. There are not enough women CEOs. So what? When one gets above the mid-level pay grade one gets paid what one can negotiate or what it is deemed one is worth. Women often in professions like law, accounting are extremely high functioning and successful, also in care and nursing. The latter especially since women are for the most part people orientated whereas men are thing orientated. Not too many female engineers around but those that are very good. Sweden is the most egalitarian society on the planet, where making sure women and men are treated as and almost forced to be equal on all levels found that women and men both migrate to the typical gender roles: things for men, people for women. This result was not expected. It was thought that there would be a 50/50 split across all professions, etc. It simply did not happen.

Does this show men and women are equal? Well no, what it shows is there is a genetic component to this and a 'Social Construct' does not work. Instead one should look at not ‘outcome equality' but 'equality of choice' based on ability. This way, one ends up with the right person for the job, regardless of gender.

Here is the rub. For 'equality of choice' to work properly there to be a concerted approach at the education level to establish in the minds of children that there gender, colour and culture doesn't exclude them from the right to choose their life path based on their talent, ability and determination.

It is that simple. 'Equality of Choice' trumps any social construct.

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