Movies are there to entertain you. To provide amusement, enjoyment, to divert, distract, delight, please, charm, cheer, beguile, interest, fascinate, enthrall, engage, involve, occupy, absorb, immerse, engross, preoccupy, hold the attention of and to educate.

No other art form occupies so much of our consciousness. I would give anything to go back in time to Los Angeles 1910. To see the likes of Chaplin, Keystone Cops, Barrymore et al, do their stuff. It is so hard to do it approaching 'right' let alone get it right. It, like so many art forms is subjective. What one person likes, someone dislikes.

Financing is the hardest part of film making. Everything else is easy. Most people do not have wealthy parents, uncles or aunties willing to fund their dreams because that is what one is asking; finding someone who will fund your idea, vision your dream.

I have for the most part avoided the many sharks, conmen and prats that infest the entertainment industry. These slugs pray upon those seeking to make their dream come true. Anyone who talks freely about how easily they can get money and who they know, should regarded as suspect and it should send up the warning flares. Those who can, do it quietly without much hoo-ha.

All very negative I am afraid but in today's world there some hope for the aspiring film maker. Technology has advanced greatly since I started out on Super 8mm film. The digital age has brought with it many advances and the cost of equipping oneself out has fallen dramatically. New computer editing techniques have made it possible for anyone to get started on their film career. A note of caution, do not think that all this technology will do the creative work, thinking for you. It will not. These are tools only. They make the work simpler and easier but if you do not have creative mind, discipline, dedication and 'stick at it-ness' you will not succeed.

Just having a wonderful script (subjective) is not enough. Do not expect your agent, should be lucky to get one or a studio executive to have a brain or to be able to read English. That is a rare occurrence. They are concerned about their careers and not screwing up. Understand about marketing, PR and distribution. If you can’t get theatrical distribution, marketing your film to the public, you lose. Video, TV and VOD are other ways to sell your product, these worlds do not have enough content but they also need marketing and PR. A masterpiece is nothing unless it gets distribution.

Also, the world is a big place. The US and Europe are not the only markets to consider. Asia is the largest market on this planet.

This desire to make movies can reek havoc upon ones personal life, health and finances so be warned.

Finally, never listen to what other people tell you. You are responsible for your dream and it needs discipline, hard work, talent and undying faith in yourself.

Robin Jacob

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