Cosmic Blah Blah

Cosmic Blah Blah (1996 - SPY) was the title song on the same named album. Robin produced several albums with SPY. After many years Robin put the song to visuals. It remains one of his favourite songs and a great experience producing and recording the song. "SPY was a truly talented band."

Cosmic Blah Blah (video)

Recent Short Documentaries

Multiple Universes (2014)

Is there only one universe in the Cosmos? How do black holes end their life? Are black holes the beginning of new universes?

Multiple Universes

Our Star Trek Moment (2014)

Having lived in Southeast Asia for nearly 20 years, Robin had more than his fair share of extraordinary experiences. The Marcos dictatorship, EDSA revolution, EDSA 2 & 3. Mount Pinatubo eruption and much more.

Our Star Trek Moment is a documentary on thoughts about how humans can seize the moment and gain a greater understanding of how science can benefits mankind.

Our Star Trek Moment

The Integrity of Children (2015)

Children suffer greatly at the hands of adults. No matter what country or culture, religion or society children are in, they are at risk.

The Integrity of Children

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